Twenty-nine million Americans travel to international destinations every year.  Of those, 3.6 million go on fishing, adventure, and sightseeing vacations.  What if you and another 25% of the adventure-travel population added a humanitarian mission to your expedition, the $1.5 billion impact would be world changing...  

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Amazon June 07 038.jpgWhat if you are sitting on the bank of the Amazon River, and a young indigenous father approaches you in desperation...  After a rough translation of his native dialect, you discover that he has been traveling by boat for two days with his wife internally bleeding to death.  With no doctor around, he pleads for your help to ambulance him, her, and their three young kids to the hospital.  Without hesitation, you respond, and as you arrive at the hospital and place her on the dirt floor, you can't help but wonder, "What more can I do?"  Looking into her eyes you suddenly realize this trip is more than just a vacation - it's now an epiphany to do social good...

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sistersa.jpgImagine if every adventure travel company with destinations in developing countries incorporated a "mission with the fishin'" or a "mission expedition..."  The social impact would be phenomenal worldwide... 

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